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Retelly - a video magazine 

CO-FOUNDER & PARTNER - Year 2013-2015

Retelly let’s you discover and share cool videos in beautiful, simple, and meaningful ways.

What people say:

“ The coolest thing right now “ - Startup-stream.com 

" The Danish start-up Retelly is currently experiencing considerable
international attention for its simple way of delivering documentaries
and videos from the web ”
- TV2 Denmark

“ Website of the day ” - DesignLicks 

" Retelly is on of the most inspiring community projects I've seen this
year and I've seen the project grow from initial idea to a global platform
for video lovers. I think the curation and cool design of this site is key
to it's success "
- Carla Cammilla I Founder of ArtRebels & Trailerpark Festival

“ Humanitarian Prank Of The Year. Watch it on Retelly (...) ” - Questlove Jenkins, ⅓ of The Roots

“ Besides being some really nice guys to work with, Retelly were extremely professional,
flexible and delivered a spot-on product for the festival. ”
- Thomas Fleurquin I Distortion Festival

" Retelly is one of my preferred sources of digital culture as well as one of
my favorite Copenhagen startups. The platform look and feel amazing, and, more importantly,
curates kick ass content. I've been fortunate enough to have my stuff featured there
and I use it on a weekly basis when I teach my students at the Copenhagen
School of Design and Technology. "
- Mette Ohlendorff / Owner at Preaching To The Choir,
TEDxCopenhagen Artistic Curator and lecturer of Innovation, Culture & Trends


Retelly Video Nights

We urge to activate our users and the video community as a whole both online and offline.
Getting people together making it a social thing watching video like in the old days we
host "Retelly Video Nights". We made the frame of concept in Copenhagen with
art director Dennis Nguyen and have now hosted video nights in Amsterdam and
New York City as well - more to come.


We dID social to

Facebook +65.000
Instagram +8.000
Twitter +9.000

Visit retelly.com

Rope of Hope 

founder - Year 2009-2012

I have founded a Danish non-profit charity organization called Rope of Hope. We collected
money through online sale of braceletes and other donations. First year we collected
approx. US$ 20.000 to children of the favela "Rochina" in Rio De Janeiro. The year after
we collected approx. US$ 40.000 to be donated to marginalized children and
youth in the townships of Cape Town, South Africa.

The total amount of money collected by our organization was transferred in full directly to
the local projects. There are no administratory expenditures or profits gained
within Rope of Hope.

Visit ropeofhope.dk

rebel times - business unussual - issue #1

contributer with kaave pour

Rebel Times / Business Unusual is a business magazine focusing on cultural
and creative entrepreneurship. It is a place for finding inspirational stories and know-how
when working with entrepreneurship in the creative industries. It combines interviews
with successful entrepreneurs with art, graphic design and tools for first-movers.

Read the article here.