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Munchies signature show is a wide-eyed answer to the glut of sleepy TV food shows. We're plying our favorite chefs with food, drink, and questions, and then scouring their kitchens for late-night snacks.

Culinary Escapades in Copenhagen with Kadeau

We never imagined that a Chef’s Night Out with the crew from restaurant Kadeau would be dull, but nothing quite prepared us for this whirlwind of culinary escapades.

Tacos, Mezcal, and an Impromptu Dance Party: Chef's Night Out with Hija de Sanchez

Rosio Sanchez has changed the taco game in Copenhagen. The Chicago-born chef is the owner of Hija de Sanchez, where the moles, paletas, and tacos al pastor are made with skill, love, and appreciation for authentic Mexican recipes. In this episode of Chef's Night Out, Rosio cooks up a taco feast for her friends before they head out on the town in Copenhagen.

Chef's Night Out: Kjøbenhavn

Head chef Rasmus Lund Jonasson brings his restaurant manager and a couple of old mates on a truffle, sausage and wine­fuelled quest to visit some of their favourite haunts in Copenhagen Denmark.